The Capon Sample

I have made two small footnotes in the pages of Computer Science history. One of them is UA2, the other one is the Peter Capon sample.

The raw material was taken from a CS1011 lecture in 1994 (which involved sitting on the front row with a dictaphone, the first and only time I did). With an hour of Capon to play with, Sniper and I listened through, picked out a few unusual words and spliced them together (my eternal thanks to The Master for writing Sound Gadget Pro :-)

The breaks didn't need a lot of smoothing out because Peter Capon's voice varies in tone that much anyway. So much so that he is rather confused as to when he used that immortal sense "Do you see that there is a similarity, in general terms, between me and a double glazing salesman"

audio The Capon Sample ( (63542 bytes)